User Interviews – Free Research Templates

Free Templates to Fuel Your User Research

Are you looking for ways to streamline your user research process? User Interviews has you covered with this extensive library of free research templates. Whether recruiting participants, conducting interviews or analyzing findings, a template is here to help you.

Some of the top templates included are:

The UX Research Recruiting Template – Use this step-by-step guide to identify and effectively recruit the right participants for your study. Screening tips and an incentive calculator are also included.

The Note-Taking Matrix Template – Take organized, color-coded notes during research sessions with this detailed table template. Formulas are pre-programmed to make calculations a breeze.

Survey QA Checklists – Ensure your surveys are set up for success with these initial and final quality assurance checklists.

The UX Research Study Plan Template – This comprehensive study planning template allows you to outline your research goals, methods, anticipated outcomes, and more.

And more! Dive into templates for consent forms, findings presentations, continuous interviews, diary studies, product fit interviews, usability testing, and general user interviews.

With over 15 free, professionally designed templates at your disposal, you have everything you need to execute user research projects smoothly.