User journey map and user flow: What is the difference between them and when to use each?

This informative article from UX Planet dives into the differences between user journey maps and user flows, two essential UX design tools. Written by the editorial team at UX Planet, the piece provides clear definitions of each tool and outlines their unique purposes. 

User journey maps take a holistic view of the entire user experience across all touchpoints, according to the author. They help product teams understand user emotions and optimize the overall experience. By contrast, user flows focus specifically on the steps users take within a digital product to complete a task. Both tools are valuable for tasks like user research, usability testing, and feature design.

The article then walks through best practices for creating each type of map or flow. Key elements like user personas, goals, touchpoints and decision points are examined. Helpful visual examples are also included to illustrate the concepts. 

In all, this experienced editorial team at UX Planet provides a straightforward yet insightful comparison of these two UX staples. Designers of all levels will benefit from the practical guidance on utilizing journey maps and flows to design more seamless experiences.