Using ChatGPT to work faster

This article from UX Planet explores various productivity hacks for product designers utilizing ChatGPT, the AI chatbot created by OpenAI. Written by experienced product designer Edward Chechique, the piece outlines practical techniques for incorporating ChatGPT into one’s design workflow to streamline processes and maximize efficiency. 

Chechique begins by advising designers to view ChatGPT as a draft generator rather than a source of final work. He then demonstrates how the tool can be leveraged for tasks like converting design tokens between casing styles, simplifying explanations for developers, and generating sample data for prototype screens. Additional tips include using ChatGPT to expedite email responses, map out user flows via structured text, remove unnecessary formatting from lists, and more.  

By thoughtfully integrating ChatGPT where repetitive work is involved, the author argues designers can accelerate routine jobs and focus energy on more creative endeavors. Chechique ultimately encourages experimenting with different prompts to uncover each individual’s optimal uses of the AI system. The piece provides actionable strategies for product designers seeking productivity boosts within their design process.