40+ Time-Saving Usability Testing Templates and Checklists

40+ Templates to Streamline Your Usability Testing Workflow

Conducting usability tests can be a complex process with many moving parts, such as recruiting participants, moderating sessions, analyzing data, and reporting findings. This is where templates come in handy to help structure your usability research and make the process more efficient.

This article shares over 40 templates for every stage of the usability testing process, from planning to reporting. You’ll find templates for writing test plans, scripts, note-taking, and more. Planning templates like those from Asana, Nielsen Norman Group, and Userfocus help map out your research goals and methodology.

Script templates such as the ones from Github and Trymata guide what to say when introducing tasks and questions to participants. There are also templates tailored for specific types of tests from tools like Sprig, Sharewell and NPR.

Taking structured notes during sessions is made easier with templates from Miro and User Interviews. Finally, Xtensio, Maze, and UXtweak templates demonstrate best practices for synthesizing your findings into polished reports to share insights.

Additional resources at the end cover usability testing best practices, guides, and how to recruit high-quality participants through User Interviews to ensure successful research. This comprehensive list of templates aims to help streamline your usability workflow and maximize the impact of your user research.