Canvas — A DALL·E Playground for the Mac

A New DALL·E Playground App for Mac

Canvas is a new open-source app that allows Mac users to explore the capabilities of OpenAI’s DALL·E image generation model. DALL·E is a powerful AI system that can create novel images from text descriptions.

The Canvas app provides a native Mac interface for generating, editing, and exploring variations on images with DALL·E. Users can enter text prompts and receive images based on their descriptions. They can then download, share, or further modify the generated images.

In addition to image generation, Canvas includes translation tools that can translate text between over 100 languages using neural machine translation. Users select the source and target languages, and the app will return the translated text.

The app is available to download for free on GitHub. It provides an easy and accessible way for Mac users to experiment with DALL·E’s impressive abilities to turn text into visual concepts. Canvas offers a user-friendly playground for AI image creation and manipulation on the desktop.