⭐️ Recolor raster images quickly and easily

  • Overlay a raster image with a solid color fill (like the Color Overlay layer effect in Photoshop )
  • All effects applied are non-destructive and saved as layers in the image frame

Upgrading this plugin includes the following functionality:

  • apply effects to a bulk image selection at once
  • option to remove a single color from an image
  • option to replace a single color in an image

⭐️ Before you buy

  • This plugin does not utilise anti-aliasing when colors are removed or replaced.
  • This plugin works best on solid colors and shapes
  • For the best performance please use this in the Figma app. This plugin does not work in Safari and it is unlikely I will support it in future releases.

✨ You may contact the Figma team for a refund if you are unsatisfied with your purchase in any way.

To use:

✨ Import your image

✨ Run the plugin

✨Select your image

✨ Enter a custom hex to update the image’s fill color

✨ You may also optionally remove a color or replace a color in the relevant fields

✨ Click ‘Colorize’