Neu-brutalism Mega Pack

Neu-brutalism (Mega Pack) is a Figma design file containing over 140 vector elements inspired by the brutalist design style. Brutalism is known for its bold geometric shapes, striking textures, and robust architectural forms.

The elements in this pack allow designers to incorporate the captivating essence of brutalism into their projects. They can elevate design work across many industries and applications.

The pack is available for purchase on Figma for $10. When bought, users receive a commercial license that allows them to use the elements in personal and client work and incorporate them into products and services. However, reselling the original file or bundle is prohibited.

The creator, Maariteal, hopes the pack will empower designers and help explore the beauty of brutalism through versatile and impactful vector components. It contains fully editable shapes that can be customized within Figma.